Complete Trust

If someone asked you to do a favor, would you have to know what it was before you committed to doing it? If you’re like me, it usually depends on 3 things: 1) who the person is 2) the tone of voice they’re asking in and 3) in what context they are asking.

But I mean honestly, if it’s someone I know well, usually I’ll say yes so when I was reading the book Radical, the following quote caught my eye:

You have to say yes to the words of Jesus before you even hear them. // David Platt

The reason I say yes without knowing what I’m saying yes to boils down to one reason. Trust. I trust the person enough to believe they won’t ask me to do something I can’t do.

But do I say yes to Jesus before He asks me to do anything? If Jesus were to say, “Katie can you do something for me?” would I immediately repsond with an enthusiastic, “YES!!” Sadly I think I more frequently I hesitate in my response because I worry that it might be something out of my comfort zone. Not something I can’t do. Just something I’d rather not do. But I know that He’s going to take care of me and help me do whatever He asks if I trust Him completely or as Proverbs puts it, with all my heart.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, [Trust with all your heart. Say yes before God even asks you anything!]
and do not rely on your own understanding; [Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense or if it seems confusing. Trust God! He knows everything anyway]
think about Him in all your ways, [Think about God in every big decision and every little decision!]
and He will guide you on the right path. [The right path is where you want to be so see above for how to get there!]
–Proverbs 3:5-6 

To sum those verses up on how to get on the right path: Trust God completely // Say yes before God even asks a question // Always have God on your mind and in your actions.

I’m going to be asking myself a couple questions throughout the week/month/year:
Will I trust God completely?
Will I say yes to the words of Jesus before I even hear them?



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  1. I needed to hear that today. It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks.

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