When Jesus Doesn’t Show

Have a plan B. Well when the kid playing Jesus doesn’t show, have a plan B because Jesus always shows!

I’m making an Easter video with the kids at Burime. They are acting out the story of Easter with a bit of a modern twist. So imagine my disappointment when I went to film yesterday and my Jesus didn’t show up! How can you film the Easter story without a Jesus?! Just goes to show that you should always have a plan B. I shot what I could without the Jesus then took advantage of having my camera with me on the day the kids had a free day (and no school!) and took a few photos that I thought I’d share.

But first let me tell you about another Easter outreach that is in the works.

Burime is doing a huge outreach for Easter for the kids in the Kenet where I live. It is a great opportunity to share the Easter story. They would like to be able to give each of the kids a hollow chocolate egg with a prize inside which would be a really special treat for them. I think this is a great idea and if you’d like to buy an egg for one of the kids for $1.5o, you can learn more about it here:¬†http://bit.ly/Hk0CI3

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