Signs of Change

We are moving up in the world! Not only do we now have paved roads, street signs and house numbers, but we are starting to get traffic signs as well!

Above is the newest paved road!

Watch out! Children are playing! Or maybe they are just late for school?
Or maybe it’s for people crossing roads in general.
Because to cross a road here, you have to run across.

Above: All the side roads look like this.
At the end of each road, there is a stop sign (below).
And no, stop is not Albanian for stop.

Pedestrian Crossing (above)
But where is the crosswalk?
All the crosswalks are barely visible.
But that’s ok because they aren’t near the crosswalk signs anyway!

2 way traffic (above)
Parking (below)

People still like to park on sidewalks though.

This was the most interesting. The main (paved) road curves
and there are two side roads which are called little roads.
But they aren’t paved.
So if you don’t turn, you’ll end up on one of the muddy streets!

There are signs of change and our little neighborhood is moving up in the world. One road sign at a time!


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6 responses to “Signs of Change

  1. I think the second picture is an elopement zone. It would be an interesting idea. Fathers would know where to look for their daughters.:-)

  2. 5th photo probably has something to do with the Beatles.

  3. 7th photo you should know as a missionary. Choose wisely!

  4. 8th photo stands for PRIVILEDGED! If you have a Benz I guess you can park where you want.

  5. 9th photo – if you tilt your head to the left it is a Mr. Yuck symbol. Was there a poison control number on the back?

  6. I think I like your little town.

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