What does a productive day look like? Back in the States, it was easy to tell what a productive day looked like. I had a to do list. If I checked most of them off then it was considered a productive day.

Here, it’s a bit more complicated. Only because I’m still working out what a productive day looks like. I don’t think any Albanian I know has ever written a to do list. It blows my mind how I could get absolutely nothing I needed to get done finished but yet feel like I had a productive day. How is that possible?

Maybe because here, going to visit a friend is considered more important than doing your grocery shopping.

Maybe because here, spending an hour or two drinking coffee with friends is considered more important than working on that project for work.

Maybe because here, a friend stopping by unexpected for a couple hours is to be expected.

Maybe because here, people are more important than things to do on a list.

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