Nicole & Katie Video Update 7 // Part One

A new video update // Nicole and I speak Albanian // the first of 2 parts

watch and read the subtitles

then rewatch and read what we are really thinking about

good luck!!



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7 responses to “Nicole & Katie Video Update 7 // Part One

  1. Just so you know, I’m totally showing this to my 6th grade languages class today!

    • Lori Rice

      I love watching your videos. You two are too funny. You are doing great with your language. I am impressed. The good news is that even if you slaughter the language most people listening won’t have a clue. You continue to be in our prayers!

      Lori Rice

  2. Wilma House Hawkins

    What progress! Dad was smiling ear to ear as he listened to you two.
    I am impressed with you both!

  3. Jessica Spicer

    I miss you guys SO MUCH!!! It was great to hear from you in your video. It significantly made my night better 🙂 Y’all are still in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. larry Ward

    How long are the two of you planning to be in Albania? Are you with the Wesleyan Church?

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