So if you’ve been following my journey in Albania, you have probably heard numorous times about byrek. The world’s most delicious food. Seriously. Yet many of you seem to be confused by this foreign food. Luckily for you, I was taught how to make it by my landlady. But really, when you are learning to cook in a country where you have trouble understanding directions, there are two easy steps you can follow.

2)and Learn

That’s exactly what I did.

First I watched.

Then I learned.

It’s not all fun and games. It’s serious business.

Marijana is much faster than me. But she was patient as I slowly rolled out the dough.

Nicole was there to make sure I didn’t mess up her dinner.

It turned out well. This byrek had eggs inside. A little too much like a breaded omlet for my taste though. But it was still good.

My favorite kind is cheese byrek. Next time. Byrek. Next time.

So hopefully this will helps answer some of your byrek questions and have a better understanding of my love for it.

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