Roadtripping to Germany

So Thursday, Nicole, Danika, the Bishops and I left to go to Euroconference. We took a ferry across to Italy then drove up to northern Italy to spend the night then drive on through Austria and arrive in Germany on Saturday. That was the plan anyway.

Our trusty old van, Blemon (short for blue lemon) didn’t quite make it. It broke down and we tried plan B: take a train. All the trains were booked for the next two days. So after hours of waiting and backtracking we were finally back on schedule (somewhat) and were on our way in two rental cars.

We arrive at the hostel late but no worries because the man waited up for us so we had a place to sleep. Then I enjoyed my first run since leaving the States (since I can’t run in Albania).

Then after breakfast, we headed back out where we ran into quite a bit of standstill traffic and eventually got separated but we all ended up at the conference so it worked out.

So yes we had lots of issues but we have stories to tell and the sights we saw were amazing and I wouldn’t change a minute of it. I might have missed some of these sights…

The best experiences in life are rarely discovered when you take the safe route. Be adventurous. Make memories. Don’t go the safe way.

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for. -William Shedd



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2 responses to “Roadtripping to Germany

  1. Lauren

    beautiful pictures Katie 🙂 Glad you’re having a good adventure!

  2. Don Morris

    Wow, great pics.

    Why can’t you run in Albania?

    Have a great week at the conference.

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