The Best So Far

Best Meal
–Byrek–it is similar to a calzone but flaker and tastier. It is a common dish for families to make so I will hopefully be able to learn how to make it before I leave. In two years. (I think that’s enough time to figure it out)

Best Fruit
–Watermelon. Hands down. The other day Nicole and I stopped to get a watermelon from one of the stores for 30 cents. I won’t tell you how we looked eating it back at the house but let’s just say it was juicy, ripe, and perfect. Easily the best watermelon I have ever had. Ever.

Best Self-Served Meal
–Fried Okra–Oh. My. Goodness. It was good. I fixed it for the girls last night. None of them had had it before. Nicole asked if it was the same thing as orca. No. It is a vegetable. Not a whale. I guess they don’t have okra in Buffalo…

Best Part of the Culture
–The best part of the culture is  their focus on relationships. Nothing is more important than relationships here. You have to stop and talk if you meet someone on the street so you never really know how long it is going to take to get anywhere. Marriage relationships are also important. People have no clue how or why Nicole and I have not been married yet. Nicole has already been offered a husband…

Best Part of the Day
–The best par of the day is the 5 minutes right after you shower. Ok so it’s every other day since we can’t shower every day. But for that 5 minutes you feel clean. I mean really clean before you start sweating again. It is a good 5 minutes.

Best [or most] Awkward Moment [in my life]
–Nicole and I went on our first ‘route’ where we go to meet people to talk to and practice our Albanian with. Dawn had taken us the day before so she could show us where to go, who to see, and let them know we were going to be coming by again. So we went to the first house with the 5 phrases we knew. The boy was at the fence (he was probably 1 or 2) and the grandmother sees us and so we say “Hey I’m Nicole/Katie” and she comes and literally grabs him and pulls him back as if we are criminals or a villain or something. I don’t know. She looks very panicked and scared so I say “I want to learn Albanian” because I think this might refresh her memory in case she forgot us (but really how could you forget a sunburned white skinned American?) So she sent another man out who wasn’t there when Dawn was there the previous day. We don’t know how to explain what is going on but we try anyway. Very awkwardly. Finally we give up and just smile, say thanks and leave. It was awkward to say the least. I’m pretty sure that tops my most awkward moments list…

PS If you’d like to see the video we made of our apartment you can check it out on Nicole’s blog:



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9 responses to “The Best So Far

  1. Jenn Bialek

    I know of one place to get fried okra in Buffalo. Tell Nicki that I’ll take her there in two years!

  2. Good to see you are doing well! =)

  3. I’m following you and Nicole, so I’m getting the best of both worlds! I really enjoyed her blog/video about the apartment and this one as well. It was a great introduction to Albania. You girls are in our prayers.

  4. Lauren

    so what I want to know is did Nicole accept the marriage offer… 🙂

  5. kirah

    Hope you be careful down there

  6. Jennifer

    I am shocked you know how to cook fried okra! Just let Nicole and the other girls know that pretty much everything in the south can be fried- pickles , Koolaid, etc. . and it tastes good. Sounds like the Grandmother was just teaching her grandson a lesson about not talking to strangers. HeHe. I think about you daily and praying for you.

  7. Don Schara

    Great post Katie. It definitely made me smile to hear of all the things you guys are experiencing. I’m curious as to what you really said to that kid. Some day you’ll find out. Take care and say hi to my sweetie Nicole.

  8. Jean Buchanan

    You would be sweating in McDowell County also. I am TRYING to learning how to use the different “sites” on your email newsletters. Phillip says to pray for me. I am new at this.

  9. Sarah

    Fried okra! I’m jealous! We have it in OK where I’m from, too, but the okra here is really sad looking! – Sarah 🙂

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