Rev. MC House

or as I like to call him, Grandpa.

I was very lucky growing up. I had a lot of very strong Christian role models who lived out what it meant to follow the Lord. This included all four of my grandparents. My grandfather (on my mom’s side) was an incredible man. He passed away one year ago today.

So today, I share some memories and how he made an impact in the lives of the people that knew him.

He always loved to tease people and joke around. All the cousins broke out the games when we went over to our grandparents house. This was during the 90s remember so we played card/board games. You know. Where you had to play together…

Uno was probably one of his favorites. One time, all the kids were playing Uno and Grandpa comes waltzing over asking to join. Of course we let him but he had to start out with a handful of cards while we kept the couple of cards we had.

Well…turns out, mysteriously, most of the draw fours and wilds had been taken out of the deck and somehow ended up in Grandpa’s room. (The sweet innocent kids assumed someone didn’t shuffle the deck very well and they were all at the bottom of the stack.) So he switched those cards for the ones we gave him and wouldn’t you know, he came back and won. Of course he was later disqualified when he confessed what he had done with a big grin on his face.

Another thing my grandfather loved to do was always tag me or tap me before I left and say “gotcha last.” Usually he did this with one of the biggest smirks spread across his face as I was getting in the car, right before he shut the door. I always tried to do it back, but he seemed to be quicker than I was. He did this up until the last year or so.

But my grandfather was always someone I looked up to. He was always helping other people. He would visit people in our church (even when he wasn’t pastoring) all the time. He would also say something to you if you missed church on Sunday. If you missed two Sundays, he would usually hand you a visitor’s card to fill out and ask where you had been.

That was his number one priority with any person. To make sure that they knew they were loved by Christ by being that love to them and helping them grow in their relationship with him.

The one characteristic that describes him the most is probably his humility. He was such a humble man. He did so much behind the scenes that many people didn’t even know about (including his family). He never bragged about what he did. Half the time he didn’t even share it because I think in his head it’s what everyone should be doing so why point it out.

I had the priviledge of being able to know him for just over 23 years of my life. And because I knew him for so long, you can imagine my surprise when I learned about some of the things he did in his obituary.

So yes, he was a humble man.
He was a teaser and a prankster.
He was loved.
He was a great role model.

By the life he led and the example he set and the influence he had on me, grandpa definitely “got me last” because I am still trying to become half the person he was.

Grandpa House, you had a much greater impact on my life than I think you ever knew. And not just on my life but on the lives of many, many people. I love you and I can’t wait til I get to see you again. At Jesus’ feet! 🙂

Below are part of the lyrics to one of his favorite songs: Look For Me At Jesus’ Feet (with the video following).

Don’t look beneath the gates of pearl.
Don’t look on the streets of gold.
Don’t look by the walls of jasper.
Nor among the many sights untold,
For I’ve been longing and I’ve been waiting,
For the Precious, Holy One to see.
There I’ll be through the countless ages,
Look for me at Jesus’ feet.
There I’ll be through the countless ages,
Look for me at Jesus’ feet.



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6 responses to “Rev. MC House

  1. That was beautiful Katie. Very well said. Your grandfather touched so many lives, including mine. He will never be forgotten.

  2. Kelly Paluscsak

    Thank you for sharing Katie! Your grandfather was a very Godly man-one I always looked up to. My eyes filled with tears as I read what you wrote and thought of all the memories.

  3. Wilma House Hawkins

    Absolutely beautiful, Katie!

  4. Rachel Bergin

    Katie, your comments brought back a lot of memories of your grandparents, my uncle and aunt. Teasing was definitely a “House” trait as my dad (Harold) loved to tease also. I am blessed to have had your grandpa as my uncle and will cherish the memories of times with them when they lived in Michigan. Blessings on you and your work in Albania.

  5. JIm Pearson

    Rev. House was a great man and a true Chritian

  6. I didn’t know your grandfather well, but knew him a little bit as a churchman. He was a good, Godly, humble man. He held office in The Wesleyan Church, District Superintendent, and he was also on the North American Board of Administration for a while.

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