Honduras 2011//Tuesday

Tuesday we had to leave at 9am for the airport. So we said our goodbyes to the kids and walked partway with them to school. We didn’t think it’d be a good idea to go all the way and get sweaty and smelly then ride with people who have a sense of smell on an enclosed airplane. So we said goodbye and sent them on their way to school.

Luz didn’t have school because her teacher’s baby was sick. So she stayed behind and we went to finish packing our things before breakfast at 8:30. While we were eating breakfast, a few kids straggled in. They didn’t have class either. (Many times the kids don’t know if they have class until they get to school and see if their teacher showed up or not.)

Here are a few of the kids:

Luz (10 years old)

Ashley, Oscar (8 years old)

Maycol (12 years old) and Katie L (above) Andrea (below)

Yosselin (13 years old)

Amy, brothers Haroll (12 years old) and Axell (13 years old)

So we hung out with them until it was time to leave and said goodbye again. Then we all flew to Atlanta where Andrea, Ashley, and Katie L. caught a flight back home and Amy and I caught a flight to Wilmington to meet up with our family who started vacation without us at the beach.

To see photos of my niece at the beach check out my photography blog.

These are such amazing kids. I just wish they knew how much they have changed my life and challenged me in so many ways. Some of you may have noticed bracelets I always wear. I now have three…one for each time I’ve been able to see the kids. I got the first ones so that I would always think of the kids whenever I saw my bracelet. But to be honest, I think about these kids all the time. I don’t need the bracelets. These kids are always on my heart and mind.

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Still can’t get enough? Check out Andrea’s blog where she talks about her favorite memories and disproves myths from Honduras.

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