Honduras 2011//Sunday

We were able to go to church this time. This is the first time I’ve been able to go because usually, most of the kids can’t go (due to lack of space in the car) so if I went, then I’d be taking one of their spots. But now they have a van so all the kids except 5 can go at a time. So instead of going about once a month, each kid gets to go every sunday except about once a month.

The service was really nice. They sang for a while and had the words up on an overhead. I was excited because not only could I sing most of the words and keep up for the most part, but I actually was able to understand several lines. Alicia (the director) translated the sermon for us. It was a really great service and message. Pastor Jose talked about faith.

Today was the day of the big soccer match. Hondurans versus Americans ( there were 7 of us plus Oscar and Luis). A few cheap shots were taken like lobbing it over an 8 year old goalie’s head for the point (they did that not us). But overall it was a pretty clean game since no blood (or tears) was shed (until the second game where a kid broke his fall with his head. We didn’t finish that game).

We played to 7. We had one of our goals taken back but we were still up 6-5. They scored the exact same goal they took from us yet they got to keep theirs. But when there’s no ref and the other team not only has the home field advantage but also the home country advantage, they get the final say.They scored the winning goal so we lost 7-6.

We definitely had them worried though when we were up by two goals because they started passing it only to the best players. That’s also when they lobbed the ball over our 8 year old goalie’s head. I’m pretty sure they thought they’d beat us easily but we gave them a run for their money.

Oh and yours truly scored a goal. So I’m averaging 1.5 goals per soccer game I play in Honduras (this was my second.) That’s pretty good considering I never play soccer!

And yes. We did have a few penalty kicks.

We were also able to go to the pulperia which is like a little corner store with the kids. Alicia gave them some money. Most of them had one lempira. A few had two. (which is like 5 and 10 cents) The store was maybe a minute away.

The pulperia is a little store attached to a house. They sell little snacks & sweets.

When it was my turn to order, I took the suggestion of Raul

I asked Raul what was good and he said a Chavi. So I got one for me and Amy.

Raul (above with me and Amy) has great taste. That was soooo good. It was strawberry and banana. Chavis are like popice…on steroids. They are way bigger and way better. They come in a plastic baggie and you just bite a corner off. Then you gnaw on the frozen stuff to break it down and get it out of the hole. It was so good. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

We also played drip drip drop (with rainwater they collected)
a variation of duck duck goose (pato pato ganso).

Our lesson for Sunday was Heroes take action. We looked at the Shepherds who heard about Jesus birth but then took action and went to see Him. We played a game instead of a craft this time. It was a relay game but apparently they don’t do relay games. The first kid finished and the next in line stood there waiting for permission to go. We told them to keep going as soon as the next person finished but they kept waiting for us to tell them when to go.

We had been working on a couple different songs but the favorite seemed to be I’ve Got the Joy Joy Joy Down In My Heart (Yo Tengo Gozo Gozo en Mi Corazon)

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