Honduras 2011//Monday

Monday was our last full day with the kids. So we got up early with them to walk with them to school. They leave at 6:40 but they always begin each morning with a group prayer. It’s probably about a 20 minute walk.The kids got really excited when we told them we’d be walking to school with them. I think it’s because if we walk with them, then they don’t have to walk by themselves. Otherwise they all get spaced out along the 20 minute walk and they basically end up walking alone.

But we finally made it. School starts at 7 or whenever everyone gets there.
Time does not mean the same thing in Honduras as it does here.

Edin (above) walked to school holding both mine and Amy’s hand. He thought he was hot stuff waltzing into school with an American girl on each hand.
 On the way back home, I definitely broke a sweat. It was all uphill. With the last 8 minutes going up a steep hill. So I stopped and got another Chavi! Hey it was my last day and last chance to get one. Don’t judge!

To celebrate our last night (though none of us were ready to leave) and do something special for the kids bought icecream and bananas for the kids and made banana splits. Someone also brought a cake for the Americans. So we all had cake and banana splits. It was a special treat for the kids because they don’t get it that often.

We had to go to town though to get the food. We made a quick trip to pick up some soccer jerseys. First we tried the mall. I grabbed a granita cafe from Esspresso Americano. Don’t let the name fool you. It is soo much better than anything here. Even Starbucks!! What I got is like an iced coffee but oh. my. goodness. It is divine!!

The jerseys in the store were too expensive so we drove closer to the stadium and bought some from a stand on the side of the road. Except he came to the car, saw we had a van full, and brought the jerseys to us instead of making us get out. It was such a hilarious experience. There were 10 of us counting Alicia. We passed the different styles around and sizes to hold up then we’d send them back up to the front. Then someone would want to see them again so we’d pass it back. Then we had to have discussions on what size we needed. “Do you think this is too big? Should I go a size smaller?” Remember there were 9 women and 1 man.

So anyway, I think that was the most exhausting yet funny shopping experience ever.

These kids love to dance. Monday night, we just hung out with the kids and they started a dance party.

Notice how they don’t care about who they’re dancing with. Who their dipping. Or even if their partner wants to be dipped. If you pay attention you can see one girl force dip another boy. Girl Power!!

I asked one of the boys to teach me some sweet dance moves. Haroll. He’s got it on lock down. Here’s a video of him dancing…He’s the one with navy sweatpants with the drawstring around his neck. I’m pretty sure he does that to keep his pants from falling but it makes him that much cooler.

He agreed to give me some dance lessons. Except by the time my lesson started, all the other boys wanted to help and the girls wanted to watch. Awkward. But they had coreographed a routine for all them to do a few days before we got there to, you guessed it, Baby by Justin Bieber.

So the boys showed us the dance then we joined in. Except apparently the boys and girls have different steps. So everything I just saw was not what I was supposed to be doing. A couple of the girls did the dance with us so I (along with Ashley, Katie L. and Andrea) just followed their lead. Thus the confusion in our motions and on our faces.

Our lesson for Monday was Heroes step out in faith and we looked at the centurion who didn’t need Jesus to actually come to his house to heal…he just needed to say the word. We played the telephone game with them. They definitely had not played that before. If someone didn’t know what was being said, whoever was first would just go down and tell them. But they eventually kinda got the hang of it. Especially when we had them do it in English. After, we gave them jello which they liked.

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