Honduras 2011//Thursday

Thursday, Amy showed the kids a card trick before dinner. Those kids were amazed. She would do it to one and then that kid would grab another and she had to do it again. I think she did the same trick over and over for at least 30 minutes. Then we had to go eat dinner. I’m pretty sure they sat and tried to do it to each other. By the time we finished eating, a couple of the older boys had figured it out. So then the rest of the week, they kept showing us the trick.

The kids also do a lot more homework. Or rather, they take it more seriously. Or they have people to encourage homework and check over it and let them know if it’s good enough. A man from the church that opened the orphanage has started coming by which is great because these kids need all the positive male role models they can get.

I think all of us, regardless of our level of fluency in Spanish, were able to help at least once with homework. Especially math. I think we all knew at least the digits 0-9. One thing that threw me is their 1 looks like a 7 and their 7 has a line through it. So when they wrote 19 I would think it said 79. But it was a great way to connect with the kids.

Thursday evening, we did a lesson on Moses. Our theme for the week was talking about Heroes and their characteristics. So Thursday was Heroes use their talents to serve God. We used the example of the tabernacle. How everyone gave what they could and helped out where they could…building, crafting, decorating, etc. Of course Moses came up in the conversation and one of the kids names is Moses (Moises) and whenever Andrea mentioned Moses from the Bible, he grinned real big and all the kids started snickering. I’m glad to see some things are the same everywhere you go…like getting excited over sharing a name with a character from a story.

After the lesson, we made our own tabernacles…mosaic tabernacles to show how all the little pieces come together just like we need to use our talents together to do things for the Lord.

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