I’m Ready For The Mission Field

I’m ready! I’m ready!

5 Reasons I Know I’m Ready For The Mission Field

1) When it rained for a week straight, it didn’t phase me. All it made me think of was Albania (where it rains a lot).
2) Before I decide I want something, the object in question must first pass two tests: weight (anything over 50 lbs I don’t even bother with wanting) and size (if it won’t fit in a suitcase, it’s not worth the hassle and is therefore disqualified as a want) because if I can’t take it with me to Albania then, well obviously I can live without it.
3) The occasional low water pressure at my house no longer draws complaints from me because I know there is coming a time (44 days) when I may not even have water when I turn a knob.
4) It seems no matter what I am thinking about, my thoughts always drift to Albania. What things will be like, what I need to take, what the people will be like, etc. And any time I start thinking about Albania (which is all the time) I start to get really, really excited!

And the most obvious reason that shows I’m ready for the mission field is…

Drumroll please…..

Feel free to actually do one…

No seriously, drumroll…

5) I got really, REALLY, REALLY excited when I found out there would be a regular toilet where I will be living and not one of these (which are very common)

The only reason I’m not ready for the mission field is because I’m not yet fully funded. But you can fix that by giving here! I’m getting oh so close!!


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