My Parents Spoiled Me

My parents spoiled me. Can you believe it??

The older I get, the more I realize just how much my parents spoiled me growing up.

They didn’t show their love for me by buying me things. They told me they loved me and hugged me and kissed me.

They didn’t buy me lots of toys and stuff I would quickly outgrow. They spent money on family vacations where we could create memories that will never grow old (especially the embarrassing ones).

My parents didn’t teach me values and morals by telling me what they should be. They taught them to me by living that way so I could see how it should be done.

My parents spoiled me because they didn’t let me do whatever I wanted. They set the bar high for me so that now I set the bar high for myself.

My parents spoiled me because they set the example. They were an example of who I should be and who I should become.

My parents spoiled me because they taught me to know better. They raised me with character and high standards and values.

Because my parents spoiled me, I am a much better person today.

If you are going to spoil a child, spoil them the same way my parents spoiled me.


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2 responses to “My Parents Spoiled Me

  1. Dave Tolan

    Great blog! Donna and I will soon be on board. In fact, we look forward to seeing you in Albania. I really would love to get teams there on a regular basis.

  2. todd

    Well, I’m glad your parents spoiled you in all those ways. You are lucky. My parents actually spoiled me and now I am having a very difficult time making the adjustment to happy, responsible adult. I know they did it out of love, so I can’t be mad at them, but their love was misguided. Now, I am going to have to do with the real work of raising myself. Wish me luck.

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