30 for 30

We all know that I have to have my financial support before I leave for Albania in July. Well, if you didn’t know that, then you know now.

So as you know, it is May. And I have about 45 more days to finish raising my money before I leave in July so I’m on a bit of a time crunch.


Big News!! I have about 60% of what I need for Albania! That means I only need 40%

Even bigger news…just 30 people can help me get the remaining 40% BEFORE July!

I need 30 for 30…30 people (or churches) for $30 faith promises by giving monthly for two years.

Crazy, right? Yes. Crazy good!! It’s totally doable! That’s only one dollar a day for each month!

Kids: (yes kids can be faith promise partners) A couple of you could join together and give up an extra in the lunch line.

Adults: If kids can do it, you can too!

You see most people don’t see faith in faith promise. They just see promise. I promise to give so much money a month. That’s not what faith promises are about. They are about choosing to trust God to provide the amount you’ve promised to give.

If you will be one of the 30 for 30 faith promise partners, you can give online and make a recurring donation.

There’s 45 days left until July (as of today: May 14). That means, I have 45 days to find the final 30 so if you know anyone who might be interested in supporting my ministry, please pass this along to them!

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