Just Call Me Moses

I love the story of Moses for two reasons.

1) It makes me laugh. First of all, God spoke to Moses through a burning bush. How ridiculously awesome is that? God asks Moses to lead the people of Isreal out of Egypt and Moses responds by saying “Who am I that I should go?” How humble right?

Then, Moses starts asking all the “what if” questions. What if they don’t believe me or what if they don’t obey. God responds by performing miracles. Then Moses starts listing all the qualities that should pull him out of the running. Things like: I’m not good with words, I’m a little slow when it comes to speaking.

Finally in Exodus 3:13 the truth finally comes out when Moses says, “Please, Lord, send someone else.”

Really Moses? Really Moses. Really? God actually comes and talks to you and asks you to do amazing things, and basically tells you He will perform miracles through you and you have the nerve to say “Please, Lord, send someone else.”  At least he said please I suppose. I guess when he asked “Who am I that should go?” he might not have been so humble. He was just starting his string of excuses. I can’t help but laugh at poor, poor Moses.

2) He sets the standard. Yeah. Moses sets the standard. If it seems pretty low, that’s probably because it is. Spoiler alert – God can use anyone. Even people like Moses who think they can’t or even worse don’t want to!! But as I look at the type of person Moses is, I realize I’m quite similar as he is in this stage of his life.

You see, I honestly never thought I would ever or could ever be a missionary. I mean I had this stereotypical missionary and I knew I didn’t fit the mold. (Sidenote…none of the missionaries I have met have fit the mold so I’m not sure where I came up my idea of a missionary) I said who am I that I should go. I mean seriously God, I like photography. I like doing tech things. And yes. I like facebook and dare I say I like twitter more. Who am I that I should go overseas to the mission field. Nothing I like to do or am good at or passionate about has anything to do with missions.

Then, like Moses, I started making excuses. Well this really doesn’t fit well into my 5 year plan. How in the world could I be a photographer and a missionary. That’s not possible. If I became a missionary, I would have to put my photography career completely on standby for two years. And I won’t even get into all the what-ifs involved in an unpredictable future involving overseas living.

So just call me Moses and go ahead and laugh at me, like I did at Moses because I am in the same boat as him. I am doing exactly what I thought I would never do. Exactly what I thought I would never want to do.

And the funny thing about it is all the reasons I thought I couldn’t be a missionary, are also the same reasons that God called me to be a missionary and is exactly what God will be using me for.

So when it comes to serving God and doing what He wants, remember Moses and how God can use people who think they can’t do it, think they don’t want to do it, or think there are many people who can do it better.

Basically what I’m saying is God can use you. The question is, will you let him?


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  1. I like Twitter, but I’m not good at it. I have to work on those tweets. Being short, to the point and interesting or funny is not my strong suit. BTW, I loved the post.

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