First of the Lasts

So I am planning on leaving for Albania in July. I say planning because the only reason I wouldn’t be able to go then is if I have not raised all my money by July. (You can help out by donating here)

I have been busy (even for me) lately. Last night, I went to a Family Force 5 concert. The reason I wanted to go was because
a) they are my favorite band. Ever.
b) they put on an awesome live show
c) this was my last chance to see them perform before I leave to go overseas

It wasn’t until I was at the concert though that I realized that is just one of the first of the lasts. It was bittersweet as I began to think about it and then I realized a string of them will come along here in the next couple weeks.

1) My last Family Force 5 concert until 2013
2) My last Palm Sunday/Easter until 2013
3) My last Mother’s Day until 2013

Then of course there’s the little things most people take for granted that will soon come in June…
1) Flushing toilet paper
2) Constant access to running water (quite handy if you like to take showers/wash clothes any time you please)
3) Walmart (is that bad for me to say? but really who wouldn’t miss being able to get anything you need at one store? I’m just being honest here people.)

Of course there are more but this is just to give you an idea. Some I will miss, others I will miss a lot. But I also know that following my lasts will also be many firsts.

And these firsts I am definitely looking forward to; like meeting new people or experiencing a new culture. Of course I won’t know all the firsts until they happen.

So yes it is quite bittersweet as I think about all of my “lasts” I am beginning to have. But then I think about all the “firsts” I’ll soon be experiencing and it doesn’t seem so bitter any more. It actually seems a little sweeter.


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  1. Andrea

    Great post!! Praying for you!!

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