RSVP-Respond So Very Promptly

Did you know RSVP stands for “respond so very promptly?” Well according to Shirley Feeney it does. Laverne and Shirley is one of my favorite tv shows. Now that you have had your fun fact for the day, let’s get down to business.

As you know, my ministry isn’t your traditional missionary ministry so I’m taking advantage of that and asking you to promote my ministry in a less traditional way.  I made a video to help get word about my ministry so more people can hear about how God is working and moving overseas. So if you could tweet/email/facebook/anything to share this video it would be great and I will love you forever! (The link is at the bottom of this post for you to copy and paste-for your convenience of course! Thus enabling you to respond so very promptly!)

I should warn you though: this video is only for two types of people.
1) People who have not heard about my ministry
2) People who have heard about my ministry

As long as they fall into one of the two categories, you should be sharing it with them! You can. No. You should share the video with friends/family/pastors/visitors/acquaintances/strangers/anyone else you can think of.

Ok ready?


Share! <—copy and paste this link to share!
Don’t forget you can give and pray too!

July is just around the corner. Will you RSVP (respond so very promptly!) please so I can make it to Albania in July?

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One response to “RSVP-Respond So Very Promptly

  1. Katie: This is outstanding! Wow!
    I have shared it on my FB page. I hope it will “catch on” and your support raising will go over the top.


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