Past Travels

You have probably heard that I have traveled before but I thought you might like to read some of my posts from my experiences overseas from my first blog ( so I brought them over to this blog.

The posts from May-June 2008 cover my stay in Honduras. This is one of the longer posts entitled Facebook, Email, and Other Withdrawals but there’s a lot more you can read about from my 6 week stay in Honduras


there’s a lot from the months of September to December 2008 about my semester abroad in Florence, Italy. ┬áThis was probably one of my most embarrassing moments. I may or may not have caused a scene on a street corner…

But anyway, thought those of you who missed out on my adventures the first time around might want to catch up until I have some new stories from Albania!

Just remember if you want to start with the beginning of my trips, start at the bottom of the page!


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  1. Nicole

    another great idea! #improbablygonnastealit

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