Projects Released!!

So here is what I have been working on…2 videos.  The first is a clogging music video I did with the Gold Team cloggers at my school.  I think it turned out pretty well!

Also, B. Reith (one of my favorite people EVER) is coming out with a new album on March 1 called Knockin’ On My Door.  I cannot wait. It has been far too long since he has released new music!  He was having a contest to help promote his new album.  So of course I did a commercial for it.  I put just the commercial on yesterday’s post but below is the actual video I submitted because you had to tell what you did and show how you did it.  So I showed people’s reactions and things of that nature.  You will want to see it. Trust me.

So watch it then copy and paste the following link and share it with all your friends and I mean ALL your friends.  Then you can check out B. Reith’s music at

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  1. Hey katie you are great at what you do you will have to teach me some of it. loved both videos you had me cracking up ! Keep them coming

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