I Blame My Parents

That’s right. You heard it from me. I blame my parents. They are the reason I am such a hard worker. It’s true. When I was young, they set the bar high.  They taught me, if you don’t do it right, don’t do it at all. (One time I tried that, but they made me do it until I did it right so now I just do it and do it right.)

So yes. I blame my parents. And no it’s not a bad quality to have, until you meet someone who does a job just to finish it. Then your nerves take a beating from all the non-do-it-right-achivers getting all over your nerves.  (I don’t use over because doing something right should not be an overachievement. It should be the standard)

But anyway, back to my point which I could quite possibly have missed already.

People today (of all ages) tend to do one of the following
a) not start anything at all
b) start something and never finish
c) start something, do it, and finish it. and that’s about all you can say about it. That it’s finished.
d) start something, do it well (and right), and finish it.

My parents taught me the way of d which requires more time and effort (and more often than not self discipline).  They also taught me if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Probably from their experiences with A’s, B’s, and C’s, D’s are harder to come by.  Now I’m not talking about the big things, like doing school projects. Although I do remember laboring over my science board making sure it looked perfect with no clear glue showing. That’s right, my mom didn’t like for CLEAR glue to show. But I don’t like clear glue to show either now!

Even in little things, we had to do our best.  If our handwriting wasn’t up to the standard, we had to redo it. Several times if necessary. Believe me! I won’t even mention the fact that my dad was a coach. And when he drilled us to help us practice, we had to do it until we got it right (or until one of my sisters made me cry because I wasn’t as good as them).

So like I said, my parents taught me how to do things right.  And that work ethic continues today.

People today don’t get why this is important.  They settle for good enough. STOP. Because that’s not good enough. We NEED to do more!  Let’s look at Jesus. After all, He did live a perfect life so you can’t go wrong looking at how He lived right?

What if He got to Earth and settled for good enough. “Ehh I’ve been beaten and bleeding on the cross for 5 minutes. That’s good enough. They’ll know I’m the Son of God when I take myself down from here.” No! He did it right. No, it wasn’t easy. Yes, He heard the people saying just get off the cross if you’re God (much like people whisper in our ears that half an effort at something is good enough). But He stayed and suffered and did it the right way.  Because good enough isn’t good enough. It needs to be done right.

So yes. I blame my parents for making me such a hard worker. Better yet, let me thank my parents for making me such a hard worker and teaching me to do things right.  So please, next time you do anything, do it right.  Let’s reset the standard to where it should be.


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