GMTI Training Week

This past week I was at a weeklong training session for missionaries at the Wesleyan Church Headquarters in Indiana where the Global Partners’ offices are. (you get bonus cool points when you say headquarters)  I already knew Nicole, who will be going to Albania with me, and Lauren, who will be going to Zambia.  I also got to meet Sean and Sam who will be going to Australia.  For all of us, this was the last segment of training before leaving for the field.  Which means we are that much closer to leaving!

I have so many things to tell about the training and I learned so much but I am still processing everything.  But one thing I will say is I left much more encouraged and better prepared for the field!

We all stayed at the Shunem House which is basically the best place ever run by Jim and Jeanette, the best people ever.  Shunem ministries provides housing for missionaries.  Actually, thanks to Jim and Jeanette, they provide a home for missionaries to stay during their home ministries.  Nicole and I came early to work on a promotional video for Shunem Ministries.  It is not finished yet, but when it is, don’t worry because you’ll be able to see it here.

So to sum up my week, let me use some pictures : )

Nicole and I had a stretch limo waiting for us.
It’s cheaper than a taxi!

We got dropped off at Headquarters (bonus cool points again!!)
where we picked up the van which Nicole was nice enough to drive!

Jim and Jeanette were waiting for us
Well, actually they were out on the town (visiting friends)
but they did come back later with these same smiles

You know it’s going to be a good day
when Jeanette breaks out her accordion.
at breakfast.
at 7:30.

The Missionaries (from left to right)
yours truly, Nicole, Lauren, Sam, Sean

Game Night with some people from Global Partners

One of Jim’s regular duties

and another not so regular duty

Getting a mic on for the video
should be left to the professionals (Nicole)

The interviews

and some b roll

Nicole starting the editing

I also took some pictures of two of Jeanette’s grandchildren in addition to some of her playing the piano (in a hospital. Yes you read that right. In a hospital).

So yes. I did have a great week!


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One response to “GMTI Training Week

  1. Mary Ann Tipton

    It is so neat to read / catch up on you and your busy schedule!

    I pray that God will Bless you and Encourage you daily!

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