3 Wonderful Acts

This week in my Sunday school class, the memory verse for the kids was Psalm 105:2. “Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.”

Well I’ll spare you my singing but I will tell of his wonderful acts current to my life as we speak (or as you read)! 3 to be exact:
1) Fall weather has arrived. It is my favorite season! The leaves are absolutely gorgeous when they change. I mean seriously, who could even think of turning tree leaves into amazing colors? Well I know someone! Two other great things about fall: boots and jackets! As in I get to wear them!
2) Inspiration. God has given me so much of it lately. I have been really inspired by literally everything lately. Because of that, I have a lot of projects planned in the future and some starting now.
3) Encouragement. God encourages me through friends and family but my favorite way is through songs! Right now, one that keeps me going is Old School by B. Reith. One of my favorite lines from the song says, “so tired of trying to please everyone. A million different opinions. I’m just trying to be myself whether they like it or not, I’m giving it all that I got.”

I have gotten a lot of different opinions about my upcoming trip to Albania. And I mean A LOT of different opinions. Everything from that’s awesome to you’re going on vacation? First, of all, if I was going on vacation, I wouldn’t go on one where I couldn’t see my family for 2 years. But I guess some people do?

Anyway, I obviously can’t please everyone and God made me the way I am for a reason so I’ll be myself and give it all I got! Being original and different is so much more fun anyway! I recommend you give being yourself a try too and find something you’re passionate about that you can give your all to.


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