From Passion To Making A Difference

WARNING: The main point is not about money so try to hang with me til the end!

I’m not sure if you have ever tried to raise money before but I know 5 things to be true (for myself anyway)
1)    It’s hard asking for money
2)    It’s a whole lot easier when you are passionate about your cause
3)    It’s hard asking for money
4)    It’s discouraging when people don’t get excited. At all. Zilch. Nada.
5)    It’s hard asking for money

I have been sharing about where I’m going, why I’m going, and, of course, my need for financial support.  I have gotten great responses from people.  Everyone seems really supportive but there have also been a lot of people who say something like, “Oh that’s really great.  It just breaks my heart to see the youth and how they are today.  It’s really awesome that you’re doing this.  Good luck with it.  I can’t wait to see how God uses you.”

Now I know the economy isn’t making everyone rich right now, but I know a lot of people who are saying this to me have money to give (maybe not enough to cover my whole term…). But don’t get me wrong.  I’m glad they are excited for me and see the need and understand why I’m doing this and why it needs to be done, but do they realize I can’t do any of this without the money? If I don’t raise my all of my support, I can’t go.  If I can’t go, God can’t use me to connect missions to youth.  It’s just frustrating because I see they are completely on board with this idea just as long as nothing is required of them.  They are completely fine to leave the ball in someone else’s court.

But then I was thinking. How many times has God placed a passion on our hearts and we get really excited about it.  Then he asks us to give up something (money, time, family, friends).  He asks us to give up something so that we can make a difference but we don’t.  That has to be frustrating for God as well.

One way to lose your passion fast is to not give up whatever God is asking of you.  You have to give up something in order to do something.  It requires action on your part before you can move on to making a difference.  It’s like point A is your passion and point B is making a difference and the line (how you get from A to B) is what you have to give up to get there.

Jesus had a passion for me and for you.  He is CRAZY about us.  To make a difference in our lives, God wanted him to reconnect us with God.  That’s awesome right? Of course it is! But, how was he to do this? What did God ask him to give up? His life. His LIFE!

Jesus said, “Sorry God, I’d rather not.  You know I’m really comfortable up here in Heaven.”  NO! He said ok, left Heaven (the ultimate comfort zone) and died in place of you and me!  His passion drove him to want to make a difference and because he gave what God asked, he did make a difference!

If my ministry stirs up passion in you and makes you want to make a difference, then by all means, join me in making a difference by giving.  But God gives each of us a passion.  Did you know that?  He does.  They aren’t all the same but God does give each of us a passion.  A passion that drives us to want to make a difference.

So I want to challenge you.  If you don’t have a passion about something, ask God for one.  Then, not when you are ready (because let’s face it, some of us would never be ready if we chose the timing), but rather, when God is ready for you to make a difference, give up whatever it is he asks of you.  And if you aren’t sure if it was worth it, ask Jesus if his sacrifice for you was worth it.  I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t change a thing.

Be passionate.  Sacrifice.  Make a difference.


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