Introductions and Beginnings

Blogs are always awkward to start but everything must start somewhere I suppose. Let me begin by telling you why I chose the name.  There’s always a silver lining and I like to think that I can usually see it.  This will be tested I’m sure once I am no longer living near anything familiar.  But with God, there is always a silver lining.  Sometimes though, there may be another cloud in front of it.

I am preparing to go overseas as a missionary next summer.  I’ll be going to Albania but for now this blog will follow me as I begin to prepare to leave.  I think most people only see the “during” and “after” phase of a missionary’s service but never the “before” and all the preparations. Hopefully it will be interesting.

I just got back from orientation at Global Partners whom I will be serving through.  It was in one word awesome!  It was great to be around people who are at the same phase of the journey.  It was major information overload and I did some hard core sitting while I was there but it was totally worth it.  Everything was very helpful and informative.

I got to stay at the Shunam House which is a ministry that allows missionaries to stay at the house while the are on home ministry.  It was awesome.  Here, I learned to play bananagrams, to play speed scrabble, that chocolate chip cinnamon scones are delicious, and last but not least, that Sampson (who is friendly for a cat) does not like accordions!

I had such a great time I wasn’t ready to leave.  God heard by prayer and delayed my plane an hour and a half causing me to miss my connecting flight from Charlotte to Asheville.  Luckily my parents and sister drove to Charlotte to pick me up.  Next time, I should probably mention in my prayers that I’m not ready to leave people! Keyword: people!!  I’m not a huge fan of sitting in an airport for an extra 2 hours when I have been sitting all week.

But I did get to ride in a limo to the airport.  That was fun! And yes we rolled the windows down and waved at people.  And yes.  It was great! Just so you know, limos are apparently cheaper than taxis…in Indiana anyway.

Now I am back home and starting to get organized to fundraise this week.  So if you have any extra cash lying around (or money you don’t know what to do with), here’s an idea!

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  1. David S.

    Nice layout–goes awesome with the cards you’ve worked on!

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