A Day of Firsts

So today is the a day of many firsts such as…

sprinting to catch a train
going to Lucca
attending a major photo exhibition
4 euro pizza that was aMAZing
rode on a 2 story train
ate an Italian donut fresh out of the grease and dipped in sugar mmm!!
saw real snow capped mountains and I mean like the kind out see in magazines
I went to Lucca on a field trip to a photo exhibition featuring many photographers including the World Press Winner so it was pretty awesome though we didn’t make it to all the exhibitions. They were having another festival there so Kate and I stopped to get a donut and then she stopped to get some peppermint sticks and nuts at one of the vendors.
We were already pushing it to make it back to the train so we sped walked to the station where Kate got her ticket and checked the board for the platform number.  Of course the machine wouldn’t take my money so she had to pay and then the little stamper machine didn’t stamp my ticket (Kate is yelling at me the whole time cause she can see the train) Finally, she grabs it and apparently it was validated the date stamp just didn’t work.  So we take of in a dead sprint jump on the train and whatdya know the train was 4 minutes behind so we took a moment to catch our breath before the train started.
Classes this week…
Finals next week…
America next weekend…

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