A few days later…

So Wednesday, I took a day off from school (yes I skipped my only class that just happened to last 5 hours…) and did nothing related to school.  I was going to sleep in but some unfortunate events prevented that so I worked on my website some more and went to lunch with Jordan.  I had Chinese!!  It was very good.  I had sweet and sour chicken with pineapple.  It was awesome cause they served it inside half a pineapple that had been carved out.

Oh and a side note…I picked a good day to skip I guess cause only three people showed up to class (there are like 10 people in the class).

I celebrated Thanksgiving today!  I took myself out to brunch compliments of mom and dad and went to the American Breakfast where I had hash browns, pancakes with strawberry jelly and real syrup, and a strawberry milkshake.  Mmmm.  That was probably THE best milkshake I have ever had.

I would have gone on Thanksgiving Thursday but these silly Italians didn’t give us the day off.  For some reason they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.  Go figure.  I stayed at school until about 10 printing and the likes.
I also went Christmas shopping today.  Although I ended up buying a couple things for me :/ But oh well.  I like them!
So I guess I got Thanksgiving and black friday in one one day which was neither a friday or a thursday but rather a Saturday…
Several of the girls are out of town this weekend so I am taking advantage of the emptier apartment and lounging around today although I might try to find some more gifts.  Tomorrow however, I must take more pictures for class.
Until then…

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