A few revelations…

You know you’ve been in Italy too long when:-you stop converting prices in your head and think of 5 euro as 5 dollars (it’s actually like 7 dollars)

–you aren’t so fond of pasta and rice (considering you’ve had it for pretty much every meal excluding breakfast)
–you start drinking the tap water to save money
–you hardly notice when you trip on the uneven pavement…every 5 minutes
–you think back to yesterday and realize “yesterday” was actually a week ago
–the food cravings set in…and boy have they!!
Kripy Kreme…doritos…cheerwine…homemade hot cider…sweet potato…potato casserole…STEAK to name a few
Oh and can I just share a story real quick with you.  My professor came into class one day furious at something that had happened before he got to school and he was venting to us.  He explained why Italians cannot own guns.  He said “we are 60 millions people now and if we had guns today, tomorrow we would only be 30 millions.”
I have less than a month left (28 days) and thankfully, we are able to use digital for some of the projects this half of the semester.  So I think I might be able to finish up without stressing as much as I did with midterms.  I am still editing my pictures…I am editing them at school cause I need more ram and they have bridge which I am in love with.  With their inconvenient hours plus all the time I’m in the darkroom leaves me little to no time.  But I will have some up shortly hopefully.
Oh and I saw some nutella christmas ornaments.  They were SO cute but they were like 2 euro which you can get a bottle 5 times that size for less than 2 euro.  So I just opted for a picture.

Yes.  Christmas has arrived in Italy…
before Thanksgiving just like in the states
(most stores even had decorations out around Halloween!)

One of my friends also took me to a restaurant where they serve “American” breakfast which usually means tourist trap but oh my gosh it was amazing!!  They had everything there…eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes (plain, chocolate, fruity), french toast, regular toast, everything.  Of course I went for the American breakfast and ended up getting a Spanish omlet.

Oh and they had milkshakes too.  Afterwards, me and Kate went on a walk to take pictures and we ended up where they have olive trees and the really rich people live.  We saw the most beautiful sunset which is where the picture in the post before this is from.
So new development in the last 5 minutes as I was uploading pictures…God does look out for you and has a sense of humor when he shows you (or me anyway).  This weekend I was supposed to go to see a friend but I was not able to go.  I just found out that the girl has bed bugs and so it is a good thing I didn’t go because not only would I have gotten them but I would have brought them back and all of my roommates would have gotten them.  These are horrible to have but I mean isn’t it amazing God protects you from little things (that you can hardly even see) like bed bugs??  That just makes me smile 🙂

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