This, that, and aliens?

Sooo yeah haven’t edited the pictures from fall break yet so you’ll just have to work on your patience but in the mean time…

Ordinarily, you can never predict what is going to happen when you are in another country.  For example, I go to fashion photography assuming I am going to hear a lecture on fashion of the 80s and 90s (which is what we have been studying).  After the first twenty minutes, we drift off to other topics including a 45 minute lecture on anorexia, another 45 minute lecture on drugs, annnnnnd yet another 45 minute lecture on aliens.  The first two I can understand but the alien…well no one in the class knew if the teacher was being serious or not but then again we usually don’t.  But that is how unpredictable days are here….you never know what to expect.
Speaking of classes, today in class, my teacher (this is the same one that gave the alien speech) told me I look like one of his friends.  I said oh is that good or bad to which he replied Oh she’s ten years old.  Ok I know I look 13 but 10???  Hopefully when I’m 50 I will still look younger than half my age baaaaahahahaha
The good news is that we aren’t doing as much film work as before so hopefully finals won’t be as stressful and lacking in sleep as midterms.  Hopefully.
I also ate at a Mexican restaurant which was way overpriced and didn’t even taste like Mexican food.  It was more southwestern.  I split a bean burrito with Jordan which cost about 12 US dollars (I could have made one just as tasty).  Oh and the menu was in Italian so it was quite disappointing.
I also made it a month without nutella (technically more than a month by 4 days  but who’s counting).  So I treated myself to a jar.  It’s been 4 days and I still have some left.  I haven’t over indulged either.  I found some plantain chips at a store today so I splurged on those.  They are so good.  The first time I had them was in Honduras…with nutella…mmmmmm
Speaking of nutella….one of the girls in my classes has a website and needs help with it so I am going to try and help her.  She said she would pay me by buying me one of the economy size nutellas.  This is the size the stores use. Like the picture below.
Please notice how the jar is bigger than my head:

So my plan is to binge on Nutella and get the girls to eat some too and eat it all before I leave, pack stuff in it, and CARRY ON!!! Oh yeah I am so excited!  And thennnn I’ll just eat super healthy for a week to make up for it but wait a minute, I’m getting home just in time for Christmas dinners and such soo I’ll just run a little extra.  Gotta have that Nutella!
I tripped again today.  Though not a complete wipeout like before it was still embarrassing.  I laughed out lout at myself (I thought it was pretty funny) and this guy walking beside me was trying to act like he didn’t see it (even though I know he did) and he looked over at me and was trying very hard not to laugh so I just sped up so he could laugh…I could definitely hear him after I walked past…
So it is now almost 11pm here and that is way too late for a 10 year-old so I must leave you with a quote from the office as said by Andy (and yes he’s talking in the third person): Andy Bernard does not lost contests.  He wins them.  Or he quits them.  Because they’re unfair.”

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