Fall Break

I survived midterms.  Wednesday, after my last portfolio presentation, I came home around 10 slept til 3 and went back to bed around 4 and got up again around 7 for dinner and went back to bed around 9.  The following day was very similar but I did manage to make it to Fiesole to get away from the city life.  This is a church that was there.  

Fiesole is a mountaintop village that overlooks Florence.  It is about a 20 minute bus ride away.  Of course I had to be the typical tourist and get my picture made with the city in the background.  Sadly, it was very overcast when we went but it was still amazing.

This is downtown Fiesole.  It was so quiet and peaceful.  I could actually cross the street without having my life flash before my eyes from crazy motos (mopeds)

Here is one of the many overlooks in the city.

And of course one artsy one…

So this week is fall break and I’m excited to actually have time.  I am going to stay around Florence catching up on the touristy things because I haven’t had time to see most of the sites and plus I don’t really have the money to travel so I will just enjoy the touristy spots of town this week.  Next weekend, my friend studying abroad in Paris is coming to see me.  We are going to Rome and Assisi for sure and possibly Venice depending on finances.

I plan on going back to Fiesole to take some pictures on a more sunny day.  They also have an “American” grocery store there.  I say American because it has aisles, organized shelves, and buggies.  Plus they had pretty cheap stuff so me and Luisa bought a bag full of groceries.  I splurged on some salami and provolone cheese.  Both of which is already gone.  I did fry the salami in hopes of having it taste similar to bacon.  I failed.  It tasted more like bologna but it was pretty good.  That is the first fried food I have had here.
So more pictures will be here soon after fall breaking!

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