I have been frequenting Villa Bardini just to get away from the city (plus to take pictures for class).  It is one of the many gardens and has a nice view overlooking the city.

The other night, Luisa and I were walking and came upon this band traveling through playing in the street to get their name out.  They are very cool.  I love them.  They are the Cyclown Circus.  They have a very big band type music with a jazz feel and the girl sings and has a very 30sish sound.  I bought their cd which is the best purchase I’ve made here.  I was listening to it and imagine my surprise when I heard the Tiger Rag (Clemson’s fight song).  Which made me love them even more!

The trumpet player had a mullet but dreadlocked

Elizabeth and I were sitting in the living room when we hear water running.  Our sink has been dripping for a while but this was a different kind of drip so we run to the kitchen to find the sink overflowing and running into the floor which already had standing water.  The drain declogged itself and went back down (we’ve been having drainage problems) but me and Elizabeth had to clean the floor and hallway where the water went.  Most of it seeped through to the floor below us before we could get it all up.  The neighbors downstairs didn’t say anything about a leaking ceiling so I guess we are safe for now.

Elizabeth cleaning the floor

You can’t see it well but there is like a half inch of standing water
The gardens are on the other side of the river so I pass the Arno frequently as well.  Everything is much less crowded over there and much much quieter.  I like it better.

Oh and this is for dad…

Oh and Italian bars are the same as our coffee shops!
I also went to check on the fort again.  This is right outside the entrance.

And then a little old man walked by…so sad and alone

in the picture anyway not in real life!
And this is the outside of the fort which the police randomly closed for who knows what reason.

Or the “Old Fort” as Amy said 🙂

So Megan went on a trip this weekend and brought me back a surprise.  You know how hotels have like the little mini butter tubs (for like 1 or 2 slices of bread)?  Well they had them…of Nutella!!! and she brought me back some!!  They are awesome!

So I’m pretty sure these are individual serving sizes but they are definitely NOT the serving size I use!  Megan snagged some honey for herself though!
This is our last week before midterms and being the perfectionist I am, I am reshooting for an entire class this week plus developing so I definitely have my work cut out for me this week.  But I come to expect it because I never follow through with my original plan for projects.  But it’ll be totally worth it in the end!

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