Up Up and Away

The masses are starting to get to me.  I can no longer roam the streets of the center because there are just way too many tourists.  I take many side streets to get out of the center and away from the crowds.  Luckily, with photography class, we’ve been going to different more secluded places to take pictures so I went back this morning to get out of the apartment and away from the center (plus I had to reshoot 2 rolls but I just won’t mention that).

We went to an exhibition which was amazing.  They were definitely the best black and white photographs I have ever seen.  They were taken by George Tatge, all within Italy.  I especially enjoyed them because they were all of the country.
The musuem where the exhibition was held was also connected to the Boboli Gardens.  Apparently, I only made it to the Pitti Palace but never to the actual Boboli Gardens (there are about 50 million entrances to the gardens and that is only a slight exaggeration).
We also walked up toward the top of the city to take architecture photographs.  Coming back down today, I took a different road that followed the old city wall back down to the river.  It was very relaxing and pretty.

And for those of you who don’t usually see in black and white…

Tomorrow I’ll be taking more pictures of course!  Most of what I shoot is film though since 3 of my classes are film.
My Italian is still struggling.  Instead of spanglish I guess you could call it Spalian.  Although I did win the tongue twister contest in my Italian class.  The other little slackers didn’t even practice it so I was the only one.  Oh well I won a chocolate egg with a prize inside!  It was a little face that goes on the top of a pencil.  Yes I’m basically awesome.
I’ve also gotten Luisa to translate some of my catchphrases for me. My favorite (and one I use most) is:
You wish–Stai Fresco (Sty Fray-sco)

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