The Aftermath

No one worry cause I only suffered minorly today from my fall.  I had a little whiplash (it took me several hours to be able to turn my head and my neck still won’t turn all the way and I can’t lift my arms up past my shoulder) and my loverly cut on my waist is now framed with a beautiful shade of what Italians like to call nero (you may call it black).  But other than that I’m great!!

I got to go to a church service Sunday which was great.  It was in English but the pastor’s first language was Italian so he kinda rambled partly due to that and was kind of hard to follow but I was able to get a few things out of it such as how the Holy Spirit convicts while the Devil condemns which I already knew just never really thought about it.  We also sang old praise and worship songs but it was so refreshing cause I haven’t been to church since I left which is probably the longest I’ve been without church my whole life!
This past weekend I also got to go to a soccer game and watch
Florence’s team Fiorentina play.  It was so much fun plus Italian football is as close as I’m going to get to Clemson football.  Both team have purple colors but the only difference is that Fiorentina actually won!
Note the purple on my jersey I bought

So funny story about the jersey…Yes I’m cheap and I admit it.  I wanted to get a jersey to wear to the game so I figured it would probably be cheaper just to buy one from one of the street vendors rather than a store plus I haven’t bargained yet and I wanted to see if I could.

You always have to have a plan.  Even though the plan usually changes, you still have to have one.  So I came up with one.  I put 10 euro in my back pocket cause that was the most I was going to spend on a jersey.
When I get to the vendor, he says they are 15 euro.  I look at it like I really want it and I ask if he will take 10 for it.  He says no because it costs him 13 euro for the jersey so he has to have at least that.  I say (in a very disappointed voice) “Oh well I only have 10 euro with me.”  He’s like I’m sorry.  He takes the jersey from me and quickly says “Well Ok I’ll let you have it for ten.”  So boo yah.  I tried it again however and it didn’t work but I think it was because it was a lady vendor the second time and didn’t feel sorry for me.  Oh well.
But back to the soccer game…
Before the game they had a giant milk carton sitting in the middle of the field and before the game started they pushed it over on a board on wheels and rolled it off.
The same happened during half time

Here’s an action shot for yall

Saturday, I also went to the Boboli Gardens at the Pitti Palace and welll it was a palace garden so it was huge.  And all uphill until you got to the top (then obviously it was downhill) but the view was really pretty.  It overlooked the city.
But these mountains remind me of home and how much I miss being in the mountains.  These just look like hills but at least whenever I can’t get away from the city I can go to the overlooks and see them.

This is a cool statue I liked.

It’s also one of the few statues it seems that isn’t a replica of David 🙂
So classes are going a lot better although it seems like I keep having to buy random things for my photography classes that are really adding up but at least it is stuff I will use in the future.  I still like my teachers.  Michele, my favorite, taught us why a tripod has three legs.  Do you know??  Because then it couldn’t be called a tripod!  He is hardly ever serious although that Italian temper can be seen on occasion.
But him (I have Michele for three classes) and my other photography teacher really know their stuff and I’ve already learned more than I expected.
I’m still not a fan of my Italian class though because everything is in Italian: the book, the lessons, the teacher.  It is very overwhelming and I was spoiled because my Spanish teacher taught conversational Spanish so it was stuff I could actually use but here they just teach regular stuff that you don’t really use in day to day conversations.  Oh well.  I’m going to have to take my own initiative.
Oh and can I also add that God has started helping me see what he wants me to do with my life although it is not super clear yet but I’m excited about it.  So please pray for me that I will be able to keep up with God’s pace cause I tend to lag behind sometimes instead of going full force ahead.
Also, please pray for the trip to Honduras.  It’s hard not being there to try and get people excited about it and because I can’t see the level of interest.  Not many people have shown a desire to consider going so please pray that those who God wants to go will listen to Him.  I know it’s hard to get out of your comfort zone but it is necessary if you want to make a difference.
And don’t think I don’t struggle with this either because I do.  Everyone should actually because once you get out of your comfort zone the place where you are at should become your new comfort zone and you’ll have to get out of that one so it should be a continual growing process.  But I know how hard it is.  It’s like a cold winter morning when you’re lying in your nice warm bed.  You know you should get up but it feels so good you just want to lay there…
Sometimes you just have to count to three and throw the blankets back (or get someone to pull them for you) but either way you’re the one that has to actually get out of that bed!  So if I look too comfortable…tell me cause I don’t want to settle for comfort.  I’d rather look back and see how far I’ve come not where I’ve been ever since I can remember.
Oh and also….if yall have any questions for me about Italy or whatever you can leave them as comments and I’ll answer them in my blog.  If there’s anything you want to see pictures of let me know too and I’ll see what I can do! (The comment area should be right under this post)

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    >It’s good to know that there is someone out there who is as cheap as I am

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