Yes I’m still alive

Don’t worry!  I’ve been busy with school so I would like to recap the week for you.

So random stuff first….this was an egg I got.  The feathers were free but don’t worry there wasn’t a baby chick inside.
Luisa and I met up with one of her aunt’s friends
who cooked us the most AMAZING meal ever!

 It consisted of meat, meat, and MEAT! Mmmmm.  But it was a real Italian meal with the 4 courses and dessert.  Ohhh the dessert.  Yes I was spoiled and it was great!
This was the table between courses (thus no meat)

But there was meat.  Grilled meat.  Mmm.  Steak, sausage, bacony meat

Let’s have a closer look shall we??

So we also got a pet bunny.  His name is Piccante and he is so cute.  He poops alot…everywhere…EVERYwhere but we love him anyway.  (Don’t worry, Luisa’s aunt is going to take him after school’s over)

And now a bit of sad news…
Due to excess equipment requirements for photography class, I am having to cut back in certain areas of my budget.  Nutella (though a staple of life) will no longer be frequenting my shelf as often.  (I will only buy a jar once every two weeks instead of every week)  So I indulged one last time…

I don’t want to end with the depressing nutella news so I will end on  a lighter note…I am attempting to go to the Boboli Gardens tomorrow.  Maybe this time I will actually make it there.  So look for those pictures in the next few days…

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