Boboli or Bust

I busted…

I had to take pictures for class and I was going to go to the Boboli Gardens.  

Plan A as in what I want my grade to be
Welllll, first, Luisa and I were going to get a Friends of the Ufizzi pass so we could get in for free (not just in the gardens but into all the state museums as well).  It took us a while to find the office.  When we did, it was about 4pm and neither of us had our maps and we weren’t sure where the gardens were and they closed around 5:30.
Plan B as in better than nothing
We thought about taking a bus out to Fiesole which is a town outside of the center and I figured I could take some pictures there too.  So we go to a Tobacchi stand to get a bus ticket and whatdya know they don’t sell them.
Plan C as in call it a day
SOOOOOOOO I just improvised and took some pictures by the Arno and hopefully they turn out…
So yeah it was a bust
The day, however, was not a complete loss because
A)  I’m in Florence
B)  I had a nice 4 hour walk to build not only leg definition but to tone my shoulders as well from carrying my camera equipment
C)  I saw some cute cars including a one seater truck (it had only three wheels, seats only the driver, and can fit maybe 4 people in the back if they don’t mind being on top of each other)
D)  I worked up a nice appetite so my dinner tasted even better when I got back
E)  It gave me something to write about which allows me to procrastinate from doing other homework!
F) No matter where I go here, everything is beautiful (even the “dirty” parts)
G) I did get my Ufizzi pass so I can go to all the museums for free (thanks to mom and dad for an early christmas present!!)
So maybe next weekend I will get to see the Boboli Gardens (which awesomely enough has a palace too)
Tomorrow is superexciting though.  But let me first explain the crowd situation.  It’s ridiculous.  Ridiculous.  I mean RIdicUlous.  It’s bad enough that the streets are plagued with tourists but no one gets out of the way.  Like you walk down the street and a million people are walking towards you.  Instead of turning so you can go by they walk dead straight to you and if you don’t move they run into you and then get mad at you.  It drives me crazy!!!  But tomorrow, I can get away from all the crowds…
It’s probably hard to see
but look at all the people at the end of the street…

And notice how claustrophobic these streets are…
all the main streets are this way
Tomorrow, I am going with Luisa on a train outside the city to see on of her aunt’s friends who is also going to cook us some steak.  STEAK.  (I promise I’m not usually this obsessed about meat but there’s just something about being in another country and only having meat once a week if you’re lucky that makes a girl crazy about meat)  I’m sure she is going to fix lots of other stuff too so I am probably going to skip breakfast and fill up at lunch!
Speaking of lunch…Today I had THE best lunch EVER.  Soo after the piadina, I saw that they were really expensive for my budget in the store and I got to thinking.  Hmmm…toasted piadina with nutella….grilled cheese….very similar…Wellll, I took out the cheese and replaced it with nutella.  The result: Amazingness.  Ahhhh yes.  I had two for lunch.  Ahh nutella.  So good.
This is for you dad…not a golf cart
but a VW golf CAR!!

I’m pretty sure a golf cart is bigger than this car
I don’t think it’s made for golf clubs

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