Piazza Michaelangelo

Today, Luisa and I walked around a bit….for about 4 hours!!! We wondered over to Piazza Michaelangelo where we had a great view of the city.

Great View of City
I live on the other side of the Duomo (the dome building)
Along our journey, we passed through a random market where they were selling flowers and plants.  They were all so pretty.  One man was selling lots of cacti!

It reminded me of my cactus at home (Mom could you please water it??) and it made me miss it.  Sono triste. (I learned that in Italian class today!)  But anyway, I bought a little cute one to take home with me.

I named him Rico Butch Suave
So along our walk, Luisa and I saw a sign for Piadina con la Nutella.  She had me at Nutella!  Anyway, Luisa explained it’s like a flatbread toasted with Nutella inside.  We shared one and MMMM scrumptious!!

So I found a jar of Nutella I want to take back with me.  Of course, since it is bigger than my head, it will be a carryon but still…

I can settle for that.
Unfortunately, I don’t know where these vendors buy it.
But at any rate…I’m pretty sure I will never really have a “weekend” because tomorrow, I’m doing a photoshoot for class in the morning and then in the afternoon, I have to develop film and then print some pictures in the dark room so I will probably end up staying in the lab all day.  Then Saturday, I have to do another photoshoot for most of the day for next week.  Then Sunday, I’m going with Luisa to one of her aunt’s friends where she is going to cook us some bifteca aka MEAT!!
So things I’ve learned since being in Italy…
–I’m definately a southern girl
–I’m definitely NOT a city girl
–I try to speak Italian but Spanish comes out and I apologize in English
–While I had zero sense of direction in the States, I have -50 billion here (there has not been one day where I have not gotten lost at som
e point!)
–I love my meat
–After 20 minutes of walking, cobblestone will hurt your feet in any pair of shoes you wear
–Gelatto is Amazing
–Everyone who has ever had Nutella understands and even condones a Nutella addiction
–The beauty of water filters which they do not have here but plenty of water in liter plastic bottles (which well outlive the user and is horrible for the environment) I even tried boiling water so I would not use so much plastic but it tasted like the metal pot I used…
For those of you who think that I am not actually in Italy….

For those of you who think I cannot pull off the tourist look…


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  1. >Nice post. Yeah it is hard to not be homesick for meat, mountains and the country living 🙂

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