The Quality of Life

In researching for my Fashion Photography photoshoot, I came across this quote from The Vogue Book of Fashion Photography which is on my Christmas list if anyone needs ideas 🙂

No woman, whatever her gifts of face and figure can be really beautiful unless she has the quality of life.  If a girl depends on her looks alone, she may be as beautifully perfect as a statue, but she will be equally chill and dumb.  But every woman, however plain, can achieve the beauty inherent in vitality.  If she goes out to meet life and enjoys it, she is possessed of the fundamental quality of enduring beauty.
–Vogue 1935
It’s just as true today as it was in 1935 and it is so important that young girls do not buy into the falsities of the media who try and tell them they have to look a certain way, be a certain shape, wear certain clothes to be beautiful.  It’s not true.  They just want you to buy their product.  It’s just not true.

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