Today, I got up early to take pictures in an attempt to beat the rain but I failed.  As soon as I went outside around the corner, it started raining.  So I figured I would walk around some because I can’t stay in that little apartment.  I have already realized I am definitely not a city girl.  I need my space and mountains.  So I got some bread and found a school supplies store and was excited because they had a sketch book.  I didn’t bring mine from home so that was my exciting purchase.  I think the guy thought I was going to steal something though because he kept following me around and by following me around I mean he would stay like 2 steps behind me or beside me fiddling with random stuff.  

So I somehow ended up by the Arno which is pretty even in the rain.  After taking it in for a few minutes, I headed back to the apartment.  It was still raining but it did finally stop so I went out with Luisa to wonder the streets.  We found some pretty amazing stores.  One was this antique store that had THE most cool retro vintage stuff ever.  Of course it was out of my price range but it was fun to look at.
So Luisa and I have been having a similar problem.  Lack of meat.  Two of the girls are vegetarians which is fine but we have been having vegetarian dishes all the time.  I haven’t had any real meat since I got here.  And I can definitely tell.  I mean I’m tired all the time, no energy and I feel the effects in my skin (I went through the same stuff when I was vegetarian for a few months for a research project).  Luisa was feeling the same way.
Well I had a map I got from a tourist place with a c
oupon for a buy one get one free big mac from McDonald’s.  We were totally up for it but I forgot it at the apartment.  We were so starved for meat that we were like whatever we’ll just go and get another map from the tourist place.  So we walk, and we walk, and we walk.
Finally we get to the street where it is supposed to be and it’s not there.  Luisa asks a group of teenage boys who just laugh and repeat we don’t speak English even though Luisa asked in Italian and speaks Italian.  So we say grazie and we leave.
Finally I spot it (it was at the other end of the block) and we rush in and ask for a map.  We each get one so we can get another big mac later.  Then we walk/jog to McDonald’s and get in line for some real meat.  It wasn’t that either of us was craving McDonald’s, we just wanted meat.  We NEEDED meat!
We tried to eat it slow but it was so good.  After we finished eating, we felt much better.  I can already tell a difference after eating those two patties of meat. Mmmmm.  Yes they were soaked in grease but it was meat!
And meat is good!!
We were in such a hurry to get our meat that we didn’t even notice this was a two story McDonald’s where the stairs leading down to the bottom dining floor had a club feel to it.  It was a little weird.
So anyway…one big mac and several hours later, I am feeling much better!

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