One Week Down

Ashley is no longer with us.  She wanted to live closer to the river so she moved out.  We have a new girl though, Sam.  It’s ironic because she was the only girl we met at orientation and got to talk to so needless to say we were happy to see that she was our new roommate.  

I am officially through with one week of class.  Last night we had a dinner for all the LdM Austin kids.  We met at 8:30 and walked through town to the most amazing place ever.  It was a restaurant/bar by the Arno but they had tables set up for us right by the Arno.  It was beautiful with the bridges lit up in the background and the lights along the river with the green grass and white lawn tables and chairs.  It was wonderful.

This pictures does not do justice to the scene of last night
They served up some meat.  It was just salami slices but Luisa said they have some type of seed or something in them and it was THE best I’ve ever had.  They also had cheese, bread, and pate on bread.  I was all about embracing the culture so I tried some pate even though I wasn’t sure what it was.  It actually tasted semi decent until one of the girls said it was chicken liver.  Yeah that ruined it.  I tried to finish it but I couldn’t.  Something about eating all the bad toxins in the body from the liver I can’t handle.  But everything was good.  We even had small pastry desserts.  They were like mini cupcake/muffins with filling.  One of mine had chocolate in the middle and the other like brown sugar and cinnamon or something.  We ended up staying until about 11:30 sitting around talking and taking in the scenery.

(Samantha, Jordan, Me, Megan, Luisa)
Tonight, Luisa is making a typical Italian dish.  I’m not sure if I mentioned she’s half Italian and spends every summer over here and can speak Italian so she’s been a great help in teaching us customs and traditions and stuff.  But anyway, it’s some type of sauce, bread and egg dish.
This weekend, I will be busy shooting for class (I have to shoot 4 rolls by Monday).  But I think tomorrow we are going to take a bus ride to get out of downtown for a bit.  I think it’s starting to get to us.

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