Great News

First let me share with you a bit of proof that accordions are not as nerdy as Urkel made them out to be…
Soooo this is what we listen to every night at dinner (this was taken from our window).  I will be spoiled when I get back to school.  Not only will I have to eat caf food but I won’t have an accordion accompaniment while dining.
So the great news….my internet is finally working thanks to Kyle who figured out that when typing in the password I was supposed to be putting a $ in front of it.  Go figure… So as a result I will be posting more regularly putting up more pictures and keeping in touch more.
More great news…I am taking a group to Honduras next summer from church sooo if you are interested see mom or email me.  I am super excited.  As beautiful as it is here, I’m still in love with Honduras.  I find myself comparing Italy to Honduras.  They are different kinds of beautiful but I think I would still pick Honduras over Florence anytime.
I had my first Gelato today.  Limone (limon go figure) It was delicious.  But any rate if you want to see more pictures and you aren’t friends with me on facebook check these out!  (to make them bigger, click on the thumbnails)
Well it’s after midnight here so I’ll put more up later!!

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