And so it begins…


As you can see, it’s beautiful here. Just to catch you up, not everyone’s luggage got to Florence and none of mine made it. But I got it yesterday and finally got unpacked. We had orientation today and I am super excited to start classes…travel photography, fashion photography, digital photography, and landscape and architecture photography. And of course italian.

My apartment is about a 3 minute walk from school which is good except the first day. It took me 45 minutes to find the apartment (some man felt sorry for me and walked me over to it). But now I still get lost every day but luckily the other girls know where they are going most of the time.

It is overwhelmingly georgous here – so much so I have a hard time taking pictures because there is just so much so I haven’t been. I’ve just been trying to absorb it all but Sunday I’m going to take some pictures. Well this is all the time I have for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to fill everyone in on the details next week.



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