Home Again

Well I made it back safely! Yesterday morning, I got up about 3 (Honduran time) and left for the airport and said my goodbyes. Then, I took a plane from Tegucigalpa to San Salvador with a small layover before catching a plane to Miami. I survived customs who didn’t even look at anything I had and waited a couple hours until my next plane. I had some lunch in the airport, called my parents to let them know I was back in the US and got ready for my next flight to Memphis. At Memphis, I had a light dinner. The plane had some sort of electrical problem where it wouldn’t turn on or something so it left about 45 minutes late but I finally made my way from Memphis to Greensboro where I found my parents and Amy waiting for me. How could you not smile after not seeing them for 6 weeks…

Yes mom and dad were waiting for me when I got off the plane
and even Amy with her new camera.
And as promised,
my Krispy Kreme donuts were waiting for me in the car

Then we had a 2 hour ride home but I did finally make it home about 1:30 this morning.
Oh and don’t worry, I didn’t eat 2 dozen donuts…I only had 4 yesterday and 3 more today…

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