Since I am leaving at 6am Tuesday morning, I don’t count that as one of my days in Honduras so I have three days left.

Yesterday, Kate and Anne came to the city for the weekend and are staying with Claudia. We went to the mall near Claudia’s and managed to cross a few streets and make it back in the dark to her house. Then Claudia made us banana milkshakes and took us to rent a movie. We watched Dan in Real Life. It was pretty funny but I was the only one laughing at most of the jokes. Oh well.

Today, I went to the Chimenika with Kevin and am spending the weekend with the Nuñez family. The Chimenkia is an interactive museum. It was pretty cool but it would have been even better if I could have understood the tourguide. My favorite part with this house where inside, the floors are slanted so it’s like you’re falling over but really you’re standing up straight but you don’t look like it.

On Monday, I have to meet up with Claudia in the afternoon to go to TACA to precheck in and then Tuesday morning I’ll be making my way back to NC where, upon my request, mom, dad, and amy will will greet me with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts!!! They have dunkin donuts here but I’ve always been a Krispy Kreme girl…


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