The End Has Come…Almost

Today I visited my last site to photograph.  It was the Escuela Experimental (Experimental School) that Jennifer taught at.  Everyone remembered her and by everyone I mean the principal because that’s the only person I met.  So now I have a few edits left and then some write ups and I will be completely finished.

Claudia, the lady I’m staying with (this past Monday stretched til next Tuesday) answers questions for a talk radio show every Thursday.  I went with her today to listen.  It was really awesome.  I got to go inside the soundroom and even got a tour of downstairs where small radio stations operate.  The particular station the show she helps out with just happens to be the one all of Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua listen to and sometimes people from the U.S. call if they can pick it up.

By the way,
America means the americas (north or south)
NOT the United States of America.
So if you say you’re American,
they will say they are too.
It was really cool to sit in on the show and get the tour and see how everything works.  They even had a Q&A session where people called in and now I know how they get people set up for that.  It was really cool.  The most exciting thing was that I got my picture with the microphone.
Claudia’s work had a barbeque I got to go to.  Their “barbeque” is like our cookout or grill.  I don’t think they know what a real barbeque is…  There was lots of meat – steak and sausage – plantanes, beans, tortillas, pepper sauce, and fruit for dessert!  There was also swimming and music and lots of words I still don’t know!!  It was fun though.
Now that I am almost finished, it has started to sink in that I will be headed home in a few days… 5 to be exact

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