Final Assignments

Here are the pictures of the baskets.  Pretty sweet!!

One guy makes the duck and more intricate baskets.
But these are all the baskets they have made to sell.

And this is where they sell them.

This week I have two more schools to take pictures of and then I will be through except for the editing which could take a while since I just took 200 pictures in the past two days.

Last night, Claudia took me to her sister’s house because they have a really great view of the city at night from their balcony.  It was gorgeous.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my tripod but luckily, the ledge on the window was wide enough I could use that as my substitute tripod.
She also took me to a coffee and tea place which was really cool.  It was very outdoor meets indoor but you’re still kind of outside.  I had the most popular kind of tea which had some jasmine ginger and something else.  It was pretty tasty.  Then she took me to a bakery where I got a flan slash yogurt type substance with cherries and pineapple in it.
Today, Claudia and one of her friends took me to see El Picacho or the Jesus statue (the small version of the Brazilian one).  It was quite large though.

There were some amazing views too.
And not just because I’m in the picture…

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