Back in the City

I´m back in the city to take pictures now. I am staying at Claudia´s house until Monday. Yesterday, I went to a hospital and a nursing type home for people who don´t have families and can´t live by themselves. They make these awesome baskets to sell. My computer is back at the orphanage so I don´t have pictures to show you right now.

I also went to the market with Claudia last night. First of all, all their fruit here and I mean ALL their fruit here is much larger than at home. But they are so much cheaper. Claudia got a couple pounds of tomatoes and onions and some carrots and peppers (probably about 7 lbs in all) for about 5 or 6 dollars. The market was really cool. It was outside but under a lot of tents connected together. There were boys there who had wooden carts and would carry your stuff around for you. There were a lot of people there but I did see one other white person which was a nice surprise. But since he had darker hair he didn´t draw as many stares as I did…

This afternoon, Claudia is taking me out to see the city and Sunday, I´m going to church with her. Monday, I´ll take some more pictures and then Tuesday, I´ll go back to the orphanage. Then a week later, I´ll be leaving for the states.


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