Well I made it to Copan and saw the mayan ruins today. It was really cool so im not using the shift key because it´s on the right side of the keyboard and i keep adding arrows soooo anyway

i´m sitting in an internet cafe which is the first one ive used so i wont be putting pictures up because the internet is a little slow here and that will take too long

tomorrow we go to the bird sancutary and im expecting to get a lot of really awesome pictures so im busting out my telefoto. im super excited.

friday we leave to go back to teguc which is also kate´s birthday. im going to have to conjure up a little birthday concoction or something.

friday i go to the orphanage with kate and anne before leaving saturday to catch back up with the houghton group in el parismo or something like that then i think thom has changed his mind yet again an i will be staying at the orphange the whole time so i still dont really know what im doing. oh well. so im not sure the next time ill post so until then…


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