Today we had a free day well everyone but the houghton students so basically myself, Kate, and Anne.  We went to town and I got some more souvenirs and a skirt.  It’s cute.  Even though I’m no fashionista I set a trend because Kate got one too!

Yesterday, we went to another island where there are no houses or anything.  It was really pretty and I swam some.  We found a huge starfish.  As big as my head or bigger.

I got Brando to model for me.
He only spoke spanish but was the cutest boy ever.
His older brother, Colvey, was just as cute.
I did hold the starfish though.  It felt really weird but we found a baby starfish too.  Well a baby one compared to that one.  Brando modeled for me again.
He looks a little less gangster in this one…
We also went to a church service yesterday.  It was a Church of God and was very similar to my grandparent’s church except they did a lot more singing and the service lasted a little over 2 and a half hours.  It was really good though.
Tomorrow we travel to Copan by ferry and bus.  Hopefully I won’t get sick again tomorrow.  I think I will be ok since the ferry comes first (I was still a little nauseous from the bus ride when I got on the ferry).  Then I can just sleep on the bus.
Now I’m going on a photoshoot with the other two girls so I’m sure I’ll have more pictures tomorrow.

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