Bienvenidos y La Ceiba

I arrived safely in Tegucigalpa.  Flying went ok but thankfully, I met up with Anne in Florida and we flew together to Honduras.  Everything is going great.  We met up with Kate, the other volunteer and the Houghton group.  There are 24 of us total I think including TK and Profe.  Both are quite the interesting characters.

The money here blows my mind because I pay for stuff with like 100’s in Limperas but it’s only like 40 dollars.  I’ve bought a couple things but I will keep your suspense high and wait til I get back to the states.
I got to live with Mama Alicia as my homestay host which is who Jennifer lived with.  She is hilarious even though she doesn’t speak any english.  I could understand her but Kate couldn’t.  I think it’s because she slurs her words together which I’m used to hearing in southern accents.
I also got to see the Nunez family minus the dad who was working four hours away.  They took me out to lunch and then to their house for icecream where they put honey on it which is surprisingly good.
Thursday was my birthday and Mama Alicia had a cake ready for me when I got home and Leo, his mom, Anne, Triston, Claudia, and Kate were there along with the maid and her daughter.  Leo played the guitar and sang happy birthday to me in English and then everyone minus the Americans sang it in spanish.  Fue muy bien.
This morning we left at 4am to go to La Ceiba…an island in the Carabean.  We took two buses where the windows where covered with blinds.  I slept on both so I wouldn’t get sick.  Then we took a ferry on a small boat for about an hour to get to the island.  I took some dramamine but with about 30 minutes left, I couldn’t fight it any longer and I threw up trying not to spray everyone sitting downwind of me.  One girl said that was the most graceful she’s seen anyone throw up so I guess I’m just that good!!  But at any rate, I felt much better after that and enjoyed the rest of the ride.  I guess now I know that the deep sea fishing trip was not just a one time incident.
The hotel we are staying at has wireless internet and is about a 20 minute walk to town.  Kate, Anne, and I went there tonight and it is a cute touristy town with a local look, feel, and flavor.  Many of the store owners live in the same building as their stores.  We are here until Sunday but luckily we don’t have to sit through classes with the Houghton students so I will try to put some pictures up tomorrow.
The time here is crazy.  It’s two hours behind my time at home which I am still on and everything just runs together because no one is in any rush to do anything.  I love it!
No one has stolen my camera or equipment yet!!

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  1. >I am so glad to read that you are staying with Mama Alicia! And, you got to meet Leo and his family. They are such nice people and love to throw parties and get together. Leo is really good on the guitar! Leo was my tour guide while I was there in Honduras. Tell all of them hello for me. Thinking about you and all the wonderful times you will experience while you are down there. Love ya!Jennifer

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